Wrigley’s Redesign

For this project I wanted to repackage a well known brand who already has good package design. I wanted to challenge myself to think conceptually and push the boundaries on an already established brand. I decided to go with Wrigley’s chewing gum, the most well known chewing gum on planet earth and that’s a fact!

My concept plays off the realization that Wrigley’s has been around for over 125 years and they’re “still chewing”. In order to showcase some of the lineage of the company, I went through old advertisements and packaging to get inspired. Instead of getting inspired to create, I was inspired to recreate. Using some old Wrigley’s assets and generating a few of my own, I successfully generated a few different patterns that could be used for the packaging, promotions, and more.

As for the typography and word mark, I used a condensed typeface for the body copy and Wrigley word mark. As for the display type, I hand lettered three of the four labels, but I traced and modified Big Red (the B and the R were just too gorgeous to get rid of).

If you are interested in viewing my research and process, feel free to check out the link below.


Along with creating the packaging for the Wrigley’s brand, I wanted to add a more dimension to the product and campaign. Below there are a few examples how the campaigns brand can be applied to other aspects, like promotional items and advertisements. 

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