Fuego Finds was initially a hub for friends to talk about fashion, music, sports, and pretty much every other avenue that embodies “culture”. Fuego Finds the platform started out as an eBay store selling hype products and vintage clothing, but due to high fees, we decided to branch away from the usual platforms we would sell on (Ebay, StockX, Poshmark, and Goat) and create our own platform to discuss fashion, share ideas, and collaborate with other individuals that share our interests. Also the products we carry very from hyped brands like Supreme, Yeezy, Off-White, CDG to vintage designer, all the way to the bare essentials like white t-shirts and plain Jane dad hats. If you are interested in learning more or collaborating, check out the website  here and feel free to reach out to us via email or Instagram.



Social Media Templates

The platform has competitions, giveaways, and blog posts. In order to help organize these different avenues, templates have been made to help users identify the content.

5X7in Promotional Inserts

A lot of sales are still done through sources like eBay, Postmark, and DePop. In order to lead traffic back to the Fuego Finds platform without infringing on the guidelines by the third party, these 5×7 cards are inserted into each order shipped.  

Clothing Drive

Gif made for web and social to spread the word about the clothing drive hosted by Fuego Finds.

Subway Signage

Potential signage to promote the online store and social for Fuego Finds.