One Love - Celebration of the AJ1 (concept)

In 2018, the sneaker that lead the resell market was the Air Jordan 1. The demand for the original Jordan 1’s  is greater than it’s ever been. Next year will make a total of 35 years since it’s conception date in 1985.  For this project, the goal is to celebrate the lineage of the original Air Jordan, not Michael Jordan, Nike, or basketball. The celebration takes a trip down memory lane and showcases the original comercials from the initial Jordan 1 campaigns. Along with these videos, the walls lining the activation are interactive and funcion like a giant tablet. This is most relevant on the photobooth wall and the archive wall. The order of the imagery to come is in order of the user experience: before, during and after.

These mock-ups are an idea to use branded content, but advertised on influencer platforms. The Instagram slide feature allows users to mix photos and videos. Using this feature, I combined imagery, vintage commercials, and animation. The video is a concept for Instagram stories and is meant to advertise the event with brand assets.