Introspection Album Cover

(Print) Introspection Geechie Boi Cover ArtIntrospection - Geechie Boi

‘Introspection’ is Geechie Boi’s first musical project that is truly about self-reflection. He produced the album to reflect on his own transgressions and convey them in a way that other people can relate to. For the concept, I wanted to focus on a simple way to push the idea of darkness lying deep within or inner emotions, thoughts and beliefs that we don’t show on the surface. If you’d like to check out some of his music, you can find it here at Reverb Nation. Also, follow his movement on Instagram for updates on his music and career. Photography by Stacy Washburn.

Unfortunately, the full album will never be heard because Reginald Brown, Geechie Boi, passed away Spring of 2018. I do have one sample track that wasn’t released. You can listen to it here below.

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