Halloween Icons

Halloween-IconsDracula Color Exploration-06Dracula Color Exploration-08Dracula Color Exploration-07Werewolf Color Exploration-08Werewolf Color Exploration-06Werewolf Color Exploration-07Frankenstein Color Exploration-08Frankenstein Color Exploration-07Frankenstein Color Exploration-06Frankenstein Color Exploration-10Frankenstein Color Exploration-09Frankenstein Color Exploration-12


I celebrated Halloween 2017 by creating a few geometric icons to represent some of Hollywood’s most famous monsters: Frankenstein, Wolfman, and Dracula. I then created a few T-shirts for potential customers to purchase. The name of the campaign is “Embrace Your Inner Monster”. The monster on the black shirt is silkscreened with a shade of matte black. The reason for the black on black design is twofold; it both pushes the concept of embracing your “inner monster” while at the same time accomplishing a minimalist look.

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