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Cornel Beard

Designer | Art Director

First and foremost, thank you for spending some time checking out my work. As you’ve probably figured out by now, my name is Cornel Beard and I am a creative living in Saint Paul, MN. My creative ventures mostly involve graphic design and photography, focusing on branding and content strategy. I also co-host ‘UnderRepresented‘ a podcast about design & culture. Other than those creative outlets, my interests in life are my family, weightlifting, illustration and collecting vintage t-shirts and dope sneakers. Currently, I am an Associate Designer at 10 Thousand Design in Minneapolis. My experience comes from a complex background including; a few internships, three colleges and 6 years of serving in the US Army. My military background consists of two combat deployments to Afghanistan, 18 jumps out of aircrafts, 5 promotions, 5 duty stations, and an undocumented amount of miles ran in the rain. My military background is important because it has taught me valuable lessons about leadership, perseverance, organization and the value of working as a team. As a creative, I find that the best projects come from a collaborative and diverse environment.

Want to know more or interested in collaborating on a project? Shoot me an email or connect with me via LinkedIn or Instagram.

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